Evren Kiefer

Evren Kiefer

Evren Kiefer is a writer/editor and content strategist from Geneva, Switzerland.

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Open uri20130130 12994 5poeh5 article

Churning Content Without a Plan is Gambling

Our environment seems to reward the churning of low-cost branded content. Yet, this strategy is like gambling. An alternative way could bring major benefits with less risk. Continue reading →

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How to Establish a Writing Habit

Writing is the foundation you'll build your success upon. Believe me. Whether you're working on a business plan, a marketing kit, a blog, a newsletter or an ebook... Writing is always the first ste...

Siteon0 article

Des contenus souples et réactifs grâce à la stratégie de contenu

La masse de contenus en ligne s’accroît alors que l’attention des utilisateurs, elle, se morcelle. La stratégie de contenu donne des outils pour répondre à ces nouveaux défis. Elle se fonde sur un projet assez simple : traiter le contenu comme un produit offert par l’entreprise ou l’organisation.

Veilsdorf t%c3%bcrkische kaufleute kgm 87 560 article

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

When a farmer talks with his customers about the compared merits of different crops on the market floor, it is content marketing already. He helps his customers make better sense of the world…

Dsc06850 article

Vers une ouverture des technologies de l’information au sein des universités : dangers et opportunités

Les politiques de l’Université pourraient promouvoir une culture des médias plus complète. L’objectif, pour les étudiants, serait d’acquérir la maîtrise d'outils tels que Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Delicious et Diigo, et à ceux qui seront inventés plus tard.

Dankaplan 1288050423 58 article
Courants, Journal des ÉtudiantEs de l’Université de Genève

L'Internet et le cyberespace: un espace de liberté invisible et menacé

L'Internet est un outil précieux mais compliqué parce qu'en grande partie invisible. Il est aujourd'hui menacé par des intérêts privés et des législations liberticides.

Open uri20130130 19865 1n5nisn article

How to Inventory Your Content Warehouse

You have created lots of content and your site is bursting. Now is the time to take a content inventory - and I'm going to show you how.

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Content Rivers and Information Gluttony

The sense of satiety is easy to numb and hard to get back. It is not only true for food but also for content. Non-physical items can lead to gluttony as easily as the very physical foods and beverages of Yule.

Open uri20130130 19865 16bjifc article

Tactics for Content Re-Use

With a little bit of planning, you can reduce the costs of content and produce more appropriate content with less friction.

Anker grossvater erz%c3%a4hlt eine geschichte 1884 %281%29 article

Storytelling lessons from “A Song of Ice And Fire”

George R.R. Martin’s books are well-written and engaging. His example makes us better online storytellers.

Open uri20130130 12994 jmk13t article

Let Readers Discover Your Publication's Personality

The obsession with crafting simple messages can make your publication repetitious and dull. Embrace complex and varied content. It brings the benefits of personality and deepens your relationship w...

580px newsroom article

Empower Writers, Do Better

Social media and blogging software have made publishing and sharing frictionless. Publishing organisations and individuals experiment with them: often focusing on technology and not enough on content and users.

Open uri20130130 19865 9xdlf2 article

On or Off? How to Make Comments Work for You

Engagement is difficult to get and even more difficult to keep. Whether you get no comments at all or too many, they are always an issue online. Here's some advice to help. Continue reading →

Open uri20130130 12994 ezhkdn article

Get Started With Web Analytics Without Throwing Your Arms Up

The web is a place for connection and wonder. But it is also a place for measurements, lots of measurements.